At Granada Dental, we are driven to provide exceptional dental care in order to ease the pain and discomfort of those suffering from dental conditions as well as to enable the power of a confident smile. No matter your financial situation or your dental predicament, we will find a treatment option that works for you. Our goal is for every individual who walks through our dental office leaves smiling.We love working with people of all ages and backgrounds. We are multilingual, communicating in English, Hebrew, and Tagalog and would love to hear from you. Contact our brilliant staff today for a consultation!

Popular Services And Treatments

Dental Implant

Our Granada Dental dentists construct custom dental implants that look, feel, and act just like your own teeth. Implants are one of the several tooth replacement options available and may be preferable as they are less prone to slipping like dentures and bridges do on occasion. Click to learn more about the dental implant procedure at our Granada hills office.

Crowns And Bridges

Resolve damaged or missing teeth today in Granada hills. A simple yet effective procedure, crowns and bridges allow patients to smile bright and confidently. Though gaps can be a fashion statement for some, others may want a more conventional looking smile and our Granada dental team loves to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams. 


Tooth Veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment and may be preferable over crowns to some patients. If you would like to change the color size and/or shape of a tooth or a whole set of teeth, then veneers may be a suitable option for you. Let our Granada Dental team help you achieve the smile you’ve been yearning for and call today. To find out more about how Veneers can help you achieve your dream smile, click here

Teeth Cleaning

Here at Granada Dental, we emphasize the importance of routine visits to the dentist as frequent and thorough teeth cleanings are fundamental to a healthy mouth. We enjoy regular visits with our patients since we not only get to interact with beloved patients but we establish a baseline of their oral health so that we can best advise patients on how to improve and maintain their natural teeth. Find out more about Granada Dental’s comprehensive exams and cleanings here.

My family and I have been going to Dr. Basch for many years and have always been pleased with our experience. He has always worked with my single mother of three to find the best affordable options for us. Recently, he created and implemented a bridge on me. I’m so happy the bridge blends in perfectly and now I can smile in my photos which means so much to me!

Ashlee L. Pyanowski